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  • aquisition-and-support-strategy-guidance

    Aquisition & Support Strategy Guidance

    With a wealth of experience in Military acquisition and support environments

  • product-development

    Product Development

    Helping to identify current, new and future capabilities

  • introduction-and-contacts

    Introduction & Contacts

    Extensive knowledge of the international industrial landscape

  • product-design-and-technical-support

    Product Design & Technical Support

    Maximise design ensuring products meet and exceed customer requirements

  • facilitation-support

    Facilitation Support

    Gain an added advantage in an increasingly competitive environment

Providing services and support that add value and give a competitive advantage

Black Fox Consulting offers specialist advice on military acquisition and support processes,
product design and development, technical support and advice.

icon-strategy Acquisition & Support Strategy Guidance

Pragmatic guidance and direction with a current and In-depth knowledge of the requirements of the end customer.

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icon-product Product Development

Advice and guidance as to the most appropriate and effective development strategies.

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icon-contacts Introductions & Contacts

Offering an extensive network of influential decision makers within Government, Military and Industry.

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icon-tech-support Product Design & Technical Support

Support and advice enabling the right design decisions to meet the specific requirements of the customer.

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